digital hdtv antenna...It's not your Grandparents rabbit ears!


Looking to cut the cable?

We offer HDTV Antenna installations.  Todays Digital HDTV  is NOT your Grandparents rabbit ears.  

  • HD antennas deliver the highest quality HD image available
  • Channel lineups include all the locals (ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX,WGN)
  • Plus over *60 other channels such as PBS, CW, METV, iON, Univision and Telemundo
  • Antennas have sleek designs and some can even be installed in the attic! 

All with NO Monthly Programming Bill! 

*Number of channels can vary at each location, from 35-96, we'll let you know what comes in at your location before final install. 


Pair Free HDTV for the local Broadcast channels with a streaming device...and you're cable free!

There are so many streaming options to choose from, there is a plan to deliver the Television experience you crave.

Roku -Netflix -AppleTV -Amazon Prime -Firestick -Google -Nvidia -Mohu


Offering antenna and standard installation for $269

Up to 4 TVs   (additional can be added but require additional equipment)

Pick up your Chicago Stations or Milwaukee Stations 

It's time to Unbundle with Unwired

Dish or DirecTV Programming


Dish or DirecTV -- which is the best?

For most people, we think DISH is the way to go. DISH has a lot of advantages over DIRECTV—clear pricing, more affordable packages, a significantly more powerful DVR, and consistently high scores for customer service and consumer satisfaction. While DIRECTV puts up a good fight, DISH’s complete package is just hard to beat.    

Either way, give us a call,  we'll  talk about your TV needs, and provide pricing based on the channels you watch and the number of TVs you need programming to.   If you're looking for satellite dish alignments and repairs or re-installations, we can take care of that as well. 


-unless you're a sports fan, that is.

Sports is the undisputed domain of DIRECTV, and not just among other satellite providers. Why? Three words—NFL SUNDAY TICKET. No other sports package comes close, and it’s a DIRECTV exclusive. Beyond that, the provider also offers more HD sports channels than DISH. If you’re a sports nut and want the very best programming, look no further than DIRECTV. 


Dish vs. Direct TV...which should you choose?

Talk about a close race. But unless you’re a die-hard sports fan, here’s why you should look to DISH:

  • Pricing: DISH. While DIRECTV’s prices start out cheaper, they’ll go up during the second year of your contract. That means you’ll likely save money overall if you choose DISH.
  • Packages and channels: DIRECTV. We think DISH has a good assortment of channels, but it’s missing out on some serious sports content. Plus, DIRECTV is pretty much the only way you can get NFL SUNDAY TICKET.
  • DVR: DISH. DISH’s Hopper 3 is the most powerful DVR on the market—and as a result, DISH takes this category by a landslide. DIRECTV’s Genie is still great, though.
  • Customer support: DISH. Both services could benefit from improving their customer service, but DISH edges slightly into the lead based on ACSI ratings