So how do people like our service?

With over 63% of our new Internet customers coming to us from word of mouth...

... we can feel confident our clients are satisfied with our service.    Here's what some of our customers have to say about our Internet, Television Solutions and Camera Systems!


  • I would like to share my recommendation for your services: Clearly the Unwired value proposition is compelling as it is priced at less than 50% of competing offerings, prompting the question of what do you give up. I was pleased to discover...... nothing.
    The installation was very conscientious and calibrated for maximum signal strength. Questions are responded to immediately with clear explanations and a knowledge letting you know they have direct access to the monitoring information of their system. I can highly recommend Unwired." – Ray H. from Mundelein
  • I just cut my AT&T bill $100 per month.  I was paying AT&T over $210, now I'm Unwired and pay less than $100 with great service.  Thank you Unwired.  -- J.Ross
  • Good stuff from Unwired.  We did the Internet and had them put up the HDTV antenna so now we have all the local channels and a few others all for under $30.00 a month. Internet and TV for $30,  you can't beat it and the service is really good.  -- J.T. from  Mundelein
  • I have one word about Unwired - AWESOME!  I've been a customer for 3 years and the Internet service is exceptional. Unwired is a company that takes pride in the product they are offering and they go above and beyond in the customer service arena as well. AWESOME!  --RDH
  • I Love satellite TV but until Unwired my only option for Internet was Comcast.  I was sooo Happy my friend told me about Unwired. My speeds are great, the service is great and I'm saving money.   -- Happy One in Mundelein 
  • I like the Internet service so much I referred my mother and sister,  now we're all UNWIRED!  -- Laura S
  • I love Unwired,  very glad to be a part of this.  Larry provides great service and they are always available to answer any questions I have. -- Maxine from Mundelein 
  • If you want a place that knows everything about high speed Internet, Unwired is the place and Larry is the guy.  Larry, "the cable guy", knows how to connect you with fast speeds, without having to go through the bullies with bad customer service.  I think you know who I'm talking about...  He is an authorized retailer for DirecTV and Dish so you can be fully connected to the web and TV on the same day. I recently wanted to connect a new 3rd TV for my office and Larry came after hours just to hook me up. Forget about having to wait days and speak to numerous "customer service" reps to schedule an installation with the "other guys". You can call Larry or his assistant JoAnn directly and they will get you set up even before the "other guys can get you scheduled.   -- Tae D. Glenview, IL.
  • Unwireds customer service is the best.  I have several cameras and when I need recorded videos, (which I should pull up myself)  Jo Ann always gets them to me.  I have the simple instructions on how to do it, but Jo Ann does it quickly and never gives me any slack about helping me out.  
  • I had Unwired install 8 security cameras at my business to keep an eye on things.   With the monitoring system my plant manager was able to better manage productivity which resulted in improved overall performance.  Production increased so much that I had Unwired come out and add 7 more cameras to expand the coverage area.   Thank you Unwired!   - Mike W. 
  • No more automated customer service headaches!   With Unwired you talk to a person every time you call,  and even better, it's the same person.  Jo Ann is friendly, she knows her business, she knows her customers.and she takes care of whatever needs done whether is a stupid user question or processing a payment over the phone, she handles it.  -- Carol S. Vernon Hills 
  • Larry and Jo Ann make a great team.  They are fantastic!   -- Diane Mundelein
  • I've had Unwireds Internet and Dish TV since June 2012.  I've been very pleased with this company. Unwired's customer service is unbeatable.  I feel like I have a friend who is very knowledgeable. When I email them with a question or issue, I am pleasantly surprised to receive an answer back within 1 or 2 hours.  Unwired has helped me with both Internet issues and Dish issues.  The DishTV issues I'm referring to is usually because I've hit a wrong button on the remote or something very simple like that. Another thing that I'm impressed with is how they monitor and stay on top of any Internet problems that may occur, which happened once since I have been doing business with them.   They sent out an email with an update and an apology for any inconvenience.  I didn't even know there was a problem but it was nice to know that the company that provides my Internet service is look'n out for me. I've had Internet and television services with AT&T, Xfinity and DirecTV.  You just don't get the customer service that Unwired provides.  I do not plan on going back to those other guys no matter what they are offering. Unwired is a good company which gives me peace of mind that the Internet and TV will be working when I sit down to use it.  Go with Unwired, you won't be disappointed.   -- Marianne G.  Oak Lawn