We are Unwired


Personalized, Professional Installation

Unwired is locally owned and operated by Larry Barnes. Larry has over 30 years in the communications industry and has specialized in wireless broadband connectivity for the last 18 years. Larry leads  our field team and is personally involved in all installations from our PTP and  PtMP Internet solutions to Dish and DirecTV and remote video surveillance systems.  


Experienced Staff

Unwireds Operations Manager Jo Ann spent 22 years in corporate America managing  a multi million dollar operation with over 450 employees. The experience allowed her to gain the knowledge and flexibility needed to run a privately owned business. From customer service, billing, sales and marketing to network management and RFPs she wears many hats.  


Excellent Engineering


Unwireds consulting network engineer Kevin has been designing wireless networks for the past 20 years for service providers around the globe. His primary focus is Point to Point and Point to multi-point networks but he also works with IP Video security VoIP and VPN.