Business Internet

Small Business


Offering Small Businesses reliable, affordable, scalable business Internet connections that support your business as it grows.  

Small business connections available for as low as $29.95 per month.  

Restaurants -Gas Stations -Retail Stores -Business Services -Gyms -Hair Salons and Spas 

Whatever your business, we have an Internet plan to suit your needs.

Solutions for Small Businesses to Mid sized Corporations...and everything in between.


Whether  you're looking for a primary business internet connection or a redundant link to guarantee you'll always be connected.   Unwired has a solution. 

Reduced Cost - wireless technology can provide substantial cost benefits when compared to options such as cable, DSL and T1 & T2 lines. 

Faster Speeds - Unwired offers standard and customized solutions from 2Mbps to 300Mbps.

Reliability - Unwireds network is powerd by Canopy which leverages Motorola's more than 75 years of global wireless leadership.

Quick Service Turnup - Unwired can have you up and running in hours, not weeks or months. 

Security - Wireless broadband offers enhanced security comparable to any corporate nework, so there's no need to worry about sharing sensitive data.  Data is encrypted with industry standard over-the-air DES encryption. 

Mid Size Corporations


 Offering midsize corporations Standard  Class and PrivateLine PTP connections.   Call us, we'll work with you to customize a solution that works for your business. 

We've even built wireless networks for Marinas and campgrounds.  

   Looking for amenity Wi-FI services for your Hotel, Motel or Apartment complex ...Look no further than Unwired

Call Unwired for your customized solution.